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Hallowmas is ComingOctober 31, 2020
5 months to go.
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Space Cookies

It’s amusing to me that they don’t really know why it took so much longer to bake in space. We learn so much when we’re surprised.

Mars or Bust So the test flight isn’t really going anywhere, except further out than we’ve sent any spacecraft intended to carry human life in several decades.

An Enterprise takes flight…

It’s kind of neat… the space shuttle Enterprise gets to fly one last time… on Monday April 23rd.

Up in the sky…


Space Shuttle Discovery took its final flight today on its way to becoming an artifact at the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space museum.     Kind of wish I had been in Washington DC to see its fly-over.


In Read more

Happy Birthday Josh!


It’s my brother’s birthday today.   Everyone wish him a happy one.   Not really sure where he’s celebrating it, as I’m not up-to-speed on his deployment status.  Could be Guam, could be the Middle East, could be some other Read more

It’s over…


America no longer has a space shuttle program.    Atlantis has completed the STS-135 mission, its 33rd flight (I believe) and when it wheels rolled to a stop, so ended the era of the Space Shuttle.   There has been Read more

Final Countdown

  In a few minutes or so, the space shuttle Atlantis should be blasting off, with its four-person crew, on the very last mission of the US Space Shuttle program. As it prepares to embark upon its final voyage, Read more

From Soyouz with Love…


Well, I’m stealing’s title here.   Nothing wittier coming out of my head.   

Just wish that I could actually save a copy of videos like this.    Its nothing entertaining, but it is a rare photo-op… that of a Read more

Farewell Spirit

  NASA has officially given up on re-establishing contact with the Spirit rover on the surface of Mars. I have some personal attachment to these little guys.    Well, I have some attachment to the Red Planet Read more

Enterprise’s Feather


In my continuing coverage of all things related to the not-quite-a-starship Enterprise…   Well, SpaceShipTwo cleared another milestone with its first flight test of the ‘feathering’ system it uses to remain stable during re-entry.    

Keep in mind, its a Read more

Within hours… Science!


The AMS, which I blogged about a few weeks ago, is the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, which was recently installed (earlier today) on the space station by the Shuttle Endeavor’s crew:

(Here it is being taken out of Endeavor’s Read more



The space shuttle Endeavor is poised for its final launch (unless United Space Alliance’s bid to operate the shuttles as private spacecraft proves fruitful) today.

Its the baby of our shuttle fleet, assembled mostly from spare parts, authorized Read more

Even Enterprise made it a Good Friday…


The second of these was just a neat pic I wanted to share with you.   VSS Enterprise completed its fifth, and so far longest, glide test on Friday, April 22, above the Mojave desert.

Here is the Enterprise Read more

Did you know?

Did you know that today is the 50th anniversary of manned-space-flight?    It’s also the 30th anniversary of the US Space Shuttle Columbia’s maiden launch.

Pictured here is Discovery during take-off on the STS-114 mission.






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Something you’ll never see…


… the far side of the moon!

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has been busy snapping photos and below is a mosaic of what its taken… yielding us the most detailed photo to date of the far side Read more

Army Ants


Neat, but after all that work to get it setup, it dispelled pretty quick.

And she soars…

Watching Discovery’s final launch live. So far so good. Good luck Discovery! (Booster rockets just seperated)