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Hallowmas is ComingOctober 31, 2020
78 days to go.
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Fourth of July has become a night of terror as I console frightened dogs whilst my neighbors engage in explosive revelry.

I’m not sure I even enjoy fireworks anymore.

I didn’t realize that was the last season of the new She-Ra and now I’m a little bit sad.

Realized yesterday that I pretty much, literally, broke my eye crying over my dog Dax in his final days / post-passing days.

Such is the implication from when the symptoms began and my ultimate diagnosis.

I love you buddy. Keep chasing that tail.

Covid update

Most obligatory post-shearing selfie ever!

Got my first haircut in 100 years days!

Birthday of Doggos

Tis the eve of my Birthday weekend and I’m not quite sure how this all worked out, but all my favorite doggos that I watch have booked this same weekend.

I realized I hang out with dogs more than Read more

Healthcare and the Mind

Healthcare has been the single largest contributor to my declining mental health in the past couple of years. Life has enough to make me agro on a routine basis; but seriously… About a year ago I got a forever-going-to-change-your-life Read more

The Time I Met Elvis

It was the seventeenth of May and I was minding my own business when I noticed a little Chihuahua on the drive-way camera.   The lighting being what it was, I thought I was just looking at a Read more


So this boy that I had pretty much given up on IM’d me out of the blue today. We’re tenatively getting together on Thursday. A night of sci-fi! 🙂

I also ran into some friends I lost touch Read more

Hooray. I’m not in as much debt as I thought I was. 🙂 That’s always a good feeling. And I think I may have found a bed for cheap. I’m gonna run out and see at lunchtime tomorrow. 🙂 Read more