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Hallowmas is ComingOctober 31, 2020
78 days to go.
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I’ve never forgotten you, sweet girl. I’m sorry I failed you.


Poor Customer Service

It’s been a couple decades since I manned a customer-service hotline; but there are some very basic of basics when it comes to customer service and it genuinely baffles me how many different companies are lacking in those basic Read more

Fourth of July has become a night of terror as I console frightened dogs whilst my neighbors engage in explosive revelry.

I’m not sure I even enjoy fireworks anymore.



I’m gonna really need people to NOT approach me without a mask. Not that any of you have any reason to be within six feet of me in the first place.

I didn’t realize that was the last season of the new She-Ra and now I’m a little bit sad.

Good read

For all my “I’m not a racist” relatives who are, in fact, racists.

Realized yesterday that I pretty much, literally, broke my eye crying over my dog Dax in his final days / post-passing days.

Such is the implication from when the symptoms began and my ultimate diagnosis.

I love you buddy. Keep chasing that tail.

My whole life I’ve been told “Oh, you’re just being too sensitive.”

Basically trying to message to me that I feel too much or too deeply about things.

I’m not the one who is broken. My centers for empathy Read more


As our state-mandated lock-down came to a conclusion, with the Phase 2 reopening of Nevada’s economy… another black person was murdered by police and the nation has been righteously outraged.

Unfortunately that outrage often comes with violence and mayhem Read more

Covid update

Most obligatory post-shearing selfie ever!

Got my first haircut in 100 years days!

No Such Debt

Unpopular opinion: Kids don’t owe their parents anything for being born and raised.

I never signed any contract or entered into any aggreement whereby I would do X in return for being born and having life.

I wasn’t the Read more

Happy Birthday to my Dax

Today you’d be nineteen. I bet you’d be around for it too, if it weren’t for cancer.

I miss you buddy. Go catch that tail.


COVID-19 Log Entry

It has been about a month now since we began our self-imposed quarantine/isolation initiatives. Life remains pretty much normal and routine. There are just no guest-dogs except on Fridays when Gus and Pumpkin come for daycare. No one is Read more

COVID-19 Log Entry: Supplemental

The great bleach crisis of 2020 is abated. For now.I broke quarantine to go fetch some and refresh my coffee supply. One of the more pleasant trips to Smart & Final I’ve ever had; given the lack of people Read more

COVID-19 Log Entry

While this is technically day 8 of our official self-quarantine/isolation initiative, life remains more or less as normal.

We’ve trained for this eventuality by avoiding people and working from home for as much of our lives as we could Read more

Judge James Dannenberg writes John Roberts a letter resigning from the Supreme Court Bar.

Damn. Definitely worth reading his resignation letter in its entirety.

The only constitutional freedoms ultimately recognized may soon be limited to those useful to wealthy, Republican, White, straight, Christian, and armed males— and the corporations they control. This Read more

What lives within

When we lose a person it is not just who they were and what they represent that is lost to us, but all that was important to them as well. Those who lived on only in their memories are Read more


It was the best birthday, I think, since my 30th.

Lord Stryse – RadcliffeRoyal

Treated myself as a [medieval or something, I’m sure] King. Disconnected from daily life and got myself a suite with a Jacuzzi. Dreamt about it Read more