COVID-19 Log Entry

It has been about a month now since we began our self-imposed quarantine/isolation initiatives. Life remains pretty much normal and routine. There are just no guest-dogs except on Fridays when Gus and Pumpkin come for daycare. No one is travelling, even for work. So my other regulars are not in need of me. Which is kind of a nice reprieve in that I can tackle some house-projects easier done without quadrapeds around. My own are small and easy to contain.

We’ve resumed Sunday nerdnight online, which so far has worked out. I think we tend to stay more focused on our story this way.

The only thing that consistently reminds me we’re in this is the disruption to the supply chain. Partially from the panic-buying earlier on, but now just because so many are turning to online delivery for the stuff they used to hit up stores for.

Kind of hopeful this is a shift in how we consume that persists. Done right, there is net-gain for our environment.

Today the weather is cooperative. Which means I must engage in manual labor on the yard. There are Gardens of Radcliffe to build.

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