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  • Bass-ackwards (9/11/2020)

    In our society, those who act responsibly are penalized and those who flaunt the social compact are rewarded.

    This is not good for anyone.

  • (8/30/2020)

    Pretty sure the second American Civil War has begun

  • (7/17/2020)

    I’ve never forgotten you, sweet girl. I’m sorry I failed you.

  • Poor Customer Service (7/13/2020)

    It’s been a couple decades since I manned a customer-service hotline; but there are some very basic of basics when it comes to customer service and it genuinely baffles me how many different companies are lacking in those basic skills.

    Take Ring. I’ve given that company opportunity after opportunity to salvage this customer relationship but they continue to fail to address any of my concerns/complaints in their responses.

    It’s almost as if they do not read the message at all. Except I know they do because they can manage to pull my name out of it when replying.

    It’ll be a long wait, because apparently staffing your phones is somehow easier on the whole COVID-19 restrictions around things like how close to one another a person can be… than, say, putting your workforce remote to actually answer chats and emails.

    I fundamentally do not want to interact with people on the phone. I don’t need to repeat every other word because they can’t be bothered to give me dedicated listening.

    But they can’t read either, so I guess I”m SOL.

    Currently awaiting a response on a buy-back program before I chuck all their cameras into the landfill.

    (I’ll find a proper e-waste solution, fret not. But I have little confidence they won’t in turn throw it out improperly somewhere along the chain.)

    Can’t really sell them to anyone because I can’t recommend the service.

    Literally can not answer your ringing doorbell in time. The feed just won’t load.

    I have the best WiFi I can get and all my devices say they have a really good signal. Have the highest bandwidth I can get through cable, too.

    So. Issue is clearly on their end. I know this because their alarm panel is (less frequently, but still often enough to annoy me) a bit slow to actually disarm itself when you punch in the code. That one uses its own proprietary comms to its peripherals too, so even more annoying.

    But all in all I’ve already given them more chances than was reasonable and they have only been consistent in failing to meet my, very low, expectations.

  • PSA (6/22/2020)



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