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  • No Such Debt (5/12/2020)

    Unpopular opinion: Kids don’t owe their parents anything for being born and raised.

    I never signed any contract or entered into any aggreement whereby I would do X in return for being born and having life.

    I wasn’t the product of rape, so BOTH parents made a decision that resulted in my conception. It’s on them, not me, and I’m not gonna accept perpetual indenture to to them for something I wasn’t consulted on in advance.

    At best, my dad owes my mom for carrying his baby to term. I’m the consequence of their actions.

    Just somewhat triggered by Mothers’ Day ads today. Don’t mind me.

  • What lives within (3/13/2020)

    When we lose a person it is not just who they were and what they represent that is lost to us, but all that was important to them as well. Those who lived on only in their memories are also lost.

    I think that makes me saddest. That when I am gone, the memories of the beautiful souls, whom no one else lives to remember or aspects of which are known only to me, shall also cease and it will mark the true death of them.

    But as I live, so they were and so they mattered. May I live well beyond my years.

  • (2/17/2020)

    I’d like for my nieces and nephews to grow up in a world not unlike that of the Federation, mid-24th century. One where they had the resources and opportunities to really reach their potential. (And to put that bar much higher than anyone did me, because I do think things would have gone further had society made those investments back in my time.)

    It saddens me their family works in opposition to this; largely blindly and unawares.

  • Resurrection Protocol (2/10/2020)

    I dunno how I’d cope with this. Part of it really appeals to me, knowing it would break my heart in the process.

    But the chance to see Leia again is a strong pull. Even if it was an algorithm.

    I have such a hard time remembering her as she was (not just some still-image half-remembrance of a photo).


  • …and again (2/6/2020)

    I love America. I love it above all because I admire the raw vitality of its constitution. That constitution – bequeathed by British and French liberals – was intended to create a melting pot for global migrants as they colonised their way across America. Hardly changed since the 18th century, it remains archaic, ramshackle and flawed. But it works. It keeps the melting pot stirred, and above all it sustains an internally stable nation. Compare it with Britain’s de facto constitution, which is so overcentralised it may soon lose its entire Celtic fringe.

    It wasn’t the US Senate that saved Trump – it was the founding fathers


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